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A poem for those with mending hearts

You round the corner homeand, all at once, feel yourself strainingto bring back the memories you’ve worked so hard to erase. Smudged, barely legible,hastily marked upto hide the momentstoo sweet,too searing,to remember. Now, you want them all.The sweetness, the levity,the claustrophobia,the panic. Now, you want to cradle themgently, in your lap,as you think just how,howContinue reading “A poem for those with mending hearts”

A glimpse into a book lover & design buff’s character-filled apartment

Earlier today, a friend was asking me what I looked for when I feature homes on Hyppiä. “Do they need to be really ‘done’, if you know what I mean? Polished?” she asked. “Honestly, the less ‘done’ they are, the better,” I replied. “That’s when you get to see someone’s personality and character.” My mission…

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This Japandi-Inspired Loft Is Nestled in a Historical Church

I’m excited to announce that Curated Tastes & Hyppiä Homes are partnering to deliver a series of home tours this fall with emerging artists, collectors & creatives to celebrate local art and unique spaces. Curated Tastes offers us a way to develop our own artistic palette by providing approachable art events, classes and tours. RSVP…

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Slowing Down in an Almost-Tiny Home | Home Tour with Brooke

Meet Brooke, a conservationist who has lovingly restored and built an almost-tiny home in Saskatchewan from practically the ground up. With the help of her capable dad, she poured herself into what was once a fixer-upper and is now a charming refuge built for one. Every nook & cranny of this place is thoughtfully designed…

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5 design lessons from the studio behind Vancouver’s favourite restaurants

Bao Bei Brasserie. Kissa Tanto. St. Lawrence. Botanist Dining. The common thread between some of the most sought-after restaurants in Vancouver? Local design studio Ste. Marie. (You just didn’t know it.) The resume of this award-winning interior design practice feels like some sort of conspiracy theory coming to life—a chaotic yet clear collection of redContinue reading “5 design lessons from the studio behind Vancouver’s favourite restaurants”

5 YouTube interior design channels that are certified cringe-free

Something about the YouTube interior design game right now can be highly cringe-worthy. I’m not sure why there is a need to nearly yell into the camera, speak at twice the necessary speed for humans, or, on the flip side, speak so quietly that you’re not sure they’re actually conscious. But I come bearing goodContinue reading “5 YouTube interior design channels that are certified cringe-free”


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