Local design firm Studio Roslyn knows how to create magical spaces

I checked out Chinatown’s Qali Hair Extension Studio for the first time a couple of weekends ago—thanks to a surprise nomination for a free blowout from my manager 😍—and as soon as I stepped inside, I knew I had seen this place before.

Right away, the vibe felt warm, eclectic and so authentically 80’s I half expected to walk out with a crimped side pony.

Soft pinks and blues, neon elements, and, of course, those quintessential glass blocks we know & love/hate swirled together to create a feeling of inviting nostalgia.

Honestly, I almost felt like I lived in the 80s and I was returning to my go-to spot, snatching up an hour to myself away from my kids.

And then, with that instant satisfaction of putting a name to something on the tip of your tongue, I knew. This was the work of Studio Roslyn.

Studio Roslyn is a local design firm & creative consultancy firm based in Vancouver, BC that, in their words, is in pursuit of magic. And they’re sprinkling said magic across any home or business they take on.

Their clients span the gamut of sectors, from Ernest Hemingway-inspired restaurants like Wildtale to the 80’s-loving Qali Hair Studio to the home of two established restaurateurs. I imagine them doing a mic drop at the end of each project. They’re showing us, one unique project at a time, that interior design doesn’t need to be taken so seriously. Go for the unexpected, seek out surprises.

That’s also where their personified muse comes in: Roslyn.

She is fearless, provocative and highly intelligent. She knows how to ask the tough questions and make the hard decisions, but she also has a steady hand and a warm heart. She is at the core of what defines our spirit, ethos and aesthetic.

Studio Roslyn

I love that they’ve centred their firm around the personification of someone they’re inspired by. Across every project, it’s clear Roslyn has had a say.

But enough of me. You need to see their work for yourself! I share a few of my favourite projects from Studio Roslyn below. Plus, keep reading for a *quick guide* on how to take away some actionable tips from inspirational posts like these.

Also, I’ve linked to each project in the title because you deserve to see the full credits behind these spaces, including the photographers.

Studio Qali, Commercial

“Reflecting the upbeat energy of the company and its owner, our approach to the interior design was inspired by the heady days of 80s Miami—bright art deco architecture, sun-drenched beaches, vibrant colour, excess and glamour.” – Studio Roslyn

Crane Loft, Residential

“We landed on an eclectic mix that is moody and bold, sexy and elegant. In a phrase, sophisticated maximalism. Layered patterns and textures, inspired by Jasmeet’s love for vintage 70’s glam, are carefully choreographed to blend together beautifully.”

Olive + Piper, Commercial

“The subject address, located in the historic Gastown district of Vancouver, is reminiscent of a New York City brownstone and has proportions, delineation and features consistent with a residential space. We embraced this, developing a design direction that is warm, intimate, comfortable and reflective of home. A cozy, relaxing space to work, shop and create.”

Ad Astra, Residential

“Tasked with the unique challenge of facilitating the needs of two established Vancouver restaurateurs, Studio Roslyn took on a collaborative design approach which incorporated the client’s deep love of cooking, hosting and family.

Seaside, Commercial

“The space that we’ve developed for the [Mosaic Homes] model home reflects this: A sumptuous home bar with capacity for more than your average golden hour G&T, a curated selection of diverse artwork and curios lining the walls and nestled in storage nooks, a design-minded home gym that looks just as good as it performs.

Emulating interior designers you love without breaking the bank

There was a period in time where I stopped reading interior design magazines because I felt like it was actually a bit cruel. I wanted to live in some of those homes so desperately that my 22 year old self and her shoestring budget couldn’t take it.

BUT I have learned how to enjoy magazines and the inspiration served up by interior design firms like Studio Roslyn again without going green in the face with envy. The key? Break it down & prioritize.

Here’s what ya gotta do.

  1. Focus on the particular rooms or scenes that you really love. The ones that made you stop scrolling and think, “Ugh, that is everything I want and I want it right now.”
  2. Break each image down by the specific details you love. Are you actually in love with that exact rug? Or are you most into the colour of it? The texture? The feeling it gives you?
  3. Choose two or three elements of those details and look online for consignment/affordable versions. When you walk away with a handful of specific ideas that you want to bring into your home, you’ll feel more capable of actually making those changes.

For example, here’s what I pulled out from the Crane Loft’s bookcase styling.

At first glance, all I thought was how luxurious and elegant this bookcase looked. It felt expensive, and inaccessible. But once I broke it down into the details I liked, I realized that I could absolutely bring parts of this into my home—today even.

I also was over the moon with their dining space. In this case, there are absolutely certain details I can’t bring into my place right away. Those dining chairs and that dramatic table, for example, aren’t gonna happen.

BUT, I did pull out a few details, like those above, that I could bring into my home relatively easily—namely the fun approach to colour blocking… so cool.

This whole process helps you to see just how easy and even affordable it is to emulate the parts of a room you really love.

Try it out with a few of the aspirational images you’ve pinned online or saved to Instagram! Also, let me know in the comments which Studio Roslyn project is your fave… mine is the Crane Loft. Hands down. I want to move in there so bad.

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