groovy shapes & contrasting colours

I’ll never be able to answer the question, “What’s your taste in design?”

One day, I’ll wake up and want to throw out 90% of my belongings so that I can transform my home into a serene, white-walled cabin with minimal furniture.

A single fire burns. I stoke it alone. I listen to violin. Okay, yeah, actually this sounds terrible.

Other days, I wake up and want to replace every last item of furniture and decor with anything that screams, “LIFE IS SHORT, HAVE FUN WITH IT ALL!”.

Lately, I’m craving bright pink walls with a single, dramatic piece of art. I’m looking at my ceiling trim thinking, “Why so plain? Where is your rainbow pattern?”

And, most worryingly, I’m dreaming about secretly chucking my headboard in the trash while my partner is away and replacing it with one that has a groovy wave along the top of it (you’ll see what I mean soon). And when he asks, “Why’d you buy something new? Why, Miranda, why?” I shamelessly gaslight him and say, “This… this was always here. My name is Miranda. We have two cats.” (Haha.)

Anyway, enjoy this selection of rooms & photos that are making me rethink everything. Cheers!

Chad Dorsey Design
Pandora Taylor
Life Unstyled
Vogue Living
Stripe Collection Washcloth by Dusen Dusen
The Modern Shop
Cup of Jo
Night Palm
Image may contain Indoors Room Kitchen Interior Design and Furniture
House & Garden UK

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