A roundup of 6 cool wireless lamps (because outlets are annoying)

Wireless lamps are the way of the future, my friend. Because in five years, wired lamps will be as outdated as wired headphones.

See, if you’ve gotten used to wireless headphones, the concept of headphones with wires still attached to them, getting in the way of everything, is insane. You’ll be having your morning cereal and turn your head, apparently naively, and suddenly have a bowl of cereal on your lap. Thanks, wired headphones. Or you’ll have your phone propped up on the counter with YouTube going while making dinner and you’ll do the dance of trying to reach into the fridge for something, ever so carefully, and then the wires LEAP onto the floor along with your phone.

So dramatic.

In five years, I predict we’ll feel the same way (aka resentful towards an inanimate object) about searching for an outlet or planning an entire room around where you can get away with plugging in your lighting. Instead, we’ll effortlessly place wireless lamps wherever we like. Sigh. Lovely.

Plus, these lamps are getting cuter and cuter by the day. Kind of like Andrew Garfield actually, you’re right.

First, three reasons to consider stocking up on wireless lamps instead.

1. No more tangled up cords aka cord spaghetti

I’m a huge fan of wireless anything because it eliminates any potential for cord entanglement. No cord spaghetti. Nothing ruins a perfectly good decor moment than a ton of aggressive wires pooling on the floor.

2. Place your lighting wherever YOU like—outlet or not

Without wires to obstruct my plans, I can place a wireless lamp wherever I want.

3. They’re more energy efficient than traditional lamps

Most wireless lights use LED bulbs which not only require less electricity than conventional bulbs, but they also save you money over time by cutting down on your power bills. These energy-saving lamps also boast longer lifespans which translates to fewer replacements aka less trips to Home Hardware.

Below, a roundup of my favourite portable lamps out there right now.

1. &Tradition Flowerpot

&Tradition’s Flowerpot, one of the most innovative Danish designs of the 1960s, now comes in seven models. The latest collection includes five instantly classic colours and a re-issue of a 70s wave-pattern design, all created in collaboration with the Panton family. (I can easily see it in this midcentury haven.)

Aren’t they cute?!

I recently got the mustard yellow one and it’s been coming with me everywhere. To the office, we go! Now, to the bedroom! Now, the living room! (You get the idea.)

2. Agari Mushroom Rechargeable Table Lamp

Ah, the Agari lamp, the ultimate wingman for late-night reading sessions. This mushroom-shaped lamp gives off a warm, cozy glow that’ll make you forget about the rest of the world.

3. Doku Fabric Table Lamp

The Doku lamp is pure romance and elegance, transporting you to a Parisian restaurant. Plus, you can dim it. And we all know dimming the lights is the ultimate romance move, right? (Sometimes I don’t know what I’m writing. But this light is adorable.)

4. Poldina Pro Cordless Lamp

This lamp actually helped kickstart the “cordless lighting revolution”: with over 9 hours of illumination on a single charge, this little guy is perfect for indoor or outdoor use, charges on a contact induction base (fancy), and can fit into any room. Plus, it’s sold at MoMA. So… MoMA-approved.

5. Graypants Wick Portable Rechargeable Lamp

First of all, don’t you love the brand name, Graypants? Graypants is an award-winning, Seattle-based brand focused on creating sustainable designs using recycled materials. The Wick lamp is my favourite. This portable lamp is reminiscent of a candle, “designed to be a companion, to join in adventures and create togetherness and ambiance every time.”

6. The Dipping Light

Ah, the Dipping Light. Honestly, a work of art that is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. The mind behind this masterpiece is none other than Jordi Canudas, a visionary artist whose work can be found in some of the world’s most renowned museums, including MoMa and Design Museum Die Neue Sammlung in Munich.

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