A Musician’s Cozy & Inspired Bungalow | Home Tour with Elsa

In the garden suite of a quirky, pink heritage house, Elsa & her partner, Kyle, have curated a home that feels warm and creative—just like them. They’re surrounded by DIY projects, art by their friends, and cozy lights around each corner. On our virtual tour, it felt like I had stepped into the hull ofContinue reading “A Musician’s Cozy & Inspired Bungalow | Home Tour with Elsa”

Bohemian Sanctuary | Home Tour with Ali

To kickstart this series, meet Ali Mroz: an exuberant hair-stylist-turned-landscaper with a penchant for plants, books, and vintage goodies. When it came to designing her studio in Vancouver’s East Village, she had one goal in mind: to feel a sense of relief as soon as she walked through the door.

Writing Your “I’m Good Enough” Script

Just think about a time when you’ve cracked a joke into the middle of a circle of new people and, almost miraculously, everyone throws their head back laughing. Or perhaps you managed to articulate a clever thought and several strangers all nod their heads in affirmation. Did you just get smarter? Yeah, you (feel like you) did. Sometimes, you just nail it.