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Spring style in 2023: 10 fashion-forward women I’m keeping tabs on

Wait, what’s happening? A post that isn’t about interior design? Am I OKAY? Yes, just in that familiar spiral telling me to ~go ahead and reinvent myself~ for spring. I shan’t be doing that completely, but these ladies are seriously inspiring me to step out of my sartorial shell. All images are linked to their…

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A roundup of 6 cool wireless lamps (because outlets are annoying)

Wireless lamps are the way of the future, my friend. No tangled up cords. Flexible placement. And eco-friendly. 6 options to buy for your home here!

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A ceramic artist’s intuitive approach to designing her midcentury home

As soon as I walked in, I wanted to kick my shoes off and lie down on the couch with a glass of white wine. I wanted to put some headphones on and dig into her impressive record collection. I felt like walking up to one of her big windows and doing a big cat…

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design is hard, so cut yourself a break

I’m enamoured by those who appear to design their home effortlessly. I have my moments. I think I’m skilled at the little vignettes, and coming up with ideas for other people’s homes, but when it comes to my own—I feel like a deer in headlights. Or, more aptly, a sloth in headlights. But I’ve felt…

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an art therapist’s healing sanctuary that holds you as you are

Join me as we take a gander through art therapist Elspeth Robertson’s light-filled sanctuary and learn about the care she has taken in designing a space that welcomes people just as they are.

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A poem for those with mending hearts

You round the corner homeand, all at once, feel yourself strainingto bring back the memories you’ve worked so hard to erase. Smudged, barely legible,hastily marked upto hide the momentstoo sweet,too searing,to remember. Now, you want them all.The sweetness, the levity,the claustrophobia,the panic.Now, you want to cradle themgently, in your lap,as you think just how,how hollow…

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An off-the-charts colourful apartment tour with Jen Cook, Co-Founder of Otto Studio

You know, starting this blog has started to give me a bit of a sixth sense on whether I can tell if I’d love someone’s home. In all honesty, it takes excruciating willpower to not ask a lot of those people, “Hey, we’ve only just met, but can you invite me over so I can…

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groovy shapes & contrasting colours

I’ll never be able to answer the question, “What’s your taste in design?” One day, I’ll wake up and want to throw out 90% of my belongings so that I can transform my home into a serene, white-walled cabin with minimal furniture. A single fire burns. I stoke it alone. I listen to violin. Okay,…

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A glimpse into a book lover & design buff’s character-filled apartment

Earlier today, a friend was asking me what I looked for when I feature homes on Hyppiä. “Do they need to be really ‘done’, if you know what I mean? Polished?” she asked. “Honestly, the less ‘done’ they are, the better,” I replied. “That’s when you get to see someone’s personality and character.” My mission…

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