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Before & after: my mini, oh-so-fun bedroom makeover

Psst—read to the bottom to win a Hyppiä design package and feature wall from Otto Studio! You know when you take the time to finally knock something off your to-do list and you kick yourself for not doing it sooner? That’s what I feel every time I walk into my new, dashing bedroom. It’s been…

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5 design lessons from the studio behind Vancouver’s favourite restaurants

Bao Bei Brasserie. Kissa Tanto. St. Lawrence. Botanist Dining. The common thread between some of the most sought-after restaurants in Vancouver? Local design studio Ste. Marie. (You just didn’t know it.) The resume of this award-winning interior design practice feels like some sort of conspiracy theory coming to life—a chaotic yet clear collection of red…

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5 YouTube interior design channels that are certified cringe-free

Something about the YouTube interior design game right now can be highly cringe-worthy. I’m not sure why there is a need to nearly yell into the camera, speak at twice the necessary speed for humans, or, on the flip side, speak so quietly that you’re not sure they’re actually conscious. But I come bearing good…

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A guide to finding art for your home

As soon as you’ve landed on the bare bones of your place—you know, the basic furniture to help you live a functional life—the first thing people will tell you is to find some damn art to hang up on your walls. But this is ridiculously easier said than done.

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The perfect palette: natural wood + clean black lines

Once upon a time I hated natural wood. It felt—can you believe it—cheap? I scoffed at how people could actually want a piece of furniture that looked like it was halfway done. Oh, how we grow up. Now, I see natural wood as one of the most sumptuous materials you can have in a home.…

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Local design firm Studio Roslyn knows how to create magical spaces

I checked out Chinatown’s Qali Hair Extension Studio for the first time a couple of weekends ago—thanks to a surprise nomination for a free blowout from my manager 😍—and as soon as I stepped inside, I knew I had seen this place before. Right away, the vibe felt warm, eclectic and so authentically 80’s I…

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This Japandi-Inspired Loft Is Nestled in a Historical Church

I’m excited to announce that Curated Tastes & Hyppiä Homes are partnering to deliver a series of home tours this fall with emerging artists, collectors & creatives to celebrate local art and unique spaces. Curated Tastes offers us a way to develop our own artistic palette by providing approachable art events, classes and tours. RSVP…

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