Vancouver Home Tours

I feel so lucky to share the Vancouver home tours of these inspiring, creative individuals. From vintage gallery walls to hand-built dining tables, I hope you walk away with a renewed pep in your step when it comes to designing your own homes.

Inside each of these Vancouver home tours, you’ll discover engaging and heartfelt dialogues exploring how their living spaces contribute to their emotional wellbeing. Thankfully, candid conversations about mental health are no longer as taboo as they were in the past. However, there persists a natural reluctance and apprehension when addressing such intimate subjects. So, if their personal narratives strike a chord with you, don’t hesitate to express your thoughts and appreciation in the comments section.

As you journey through these homes, you’ll also be privy to the diverse ways in which these individuals have designed and curated their spaces to evoke a sense of comfort, safety, and self-expression. From the careful selection of colors and textures to the thoughtful arrangement of furniture and cherished keepsakes, each home tells a unique story of resilience and growth.

Moreover, these Vancouver home tours seek to inspire and encourage you to take a closer look at your own living environment. Consider how your space might be influencing your mental state, and ponder whether any adjustments could potentially create a more nurturing atmosphere. By sharing their stories, the homeowners aim to empower you to make conscious choices in your own home that can positively impact your overall emotional wellbeing.

Finally, by participating in these virtual tours and engaging in the ongoing conversations around mental health, you are contributing to a supportive and empathetic community. You are not alone in your struggles or triumphs, and together we can learn, grow, and heal. So, take a step into these beautiful Vancouver homes, and let their stories move and inspire you. Remember, your voice matters too – so don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below.

A ceramic artist’s intuitive approach to designing her midcentury home

As soon as I walked in, I wanted to kick my shoes off and lie down on the couch with a glass of white wine. I wanted to put some headphones on and dig into her impressive record collection. I felt like walking up to one of her big windows and doing a big cat…

an art therapist’s healing sanctuary that holds you as you are

Join me as we take a gander through art therapist Elspeth Robertson’s light-filled sanctuary and learn about the care she has taken in designing a space that welcomes people just as they are.

Tour the Wildly Colorful House of a Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper Guru

You know, starting this blog has started to give me a bit of a sixth sense on whether I can tell if I’d love someone’s home (and sense if they’d have a really colorful house.) In all honesty, it takes excruciating willpower to not ask a lot of those people, “Hey, we’ve only just met,…

Decorating with Books: A Peek into a Book Lover’s Apartment

My mission with this blog is to showcase homes that genuinely reflect how we live, including the unique and creative ways people express themselves in their decor, such as Sean and Charlie’s love of decorating with books. In fact, earlier today, a friend was asking me what I looked for when I feature homes on…

This Japandi-Inspired Loft Is Nestled in a Historical Church

I’m excited to announce that Curated Tastes & Hyppiä Homes are partnering to deliver a series of home tours this fall with emerging artists, collectors & creatives to celebrate local art and unique spaces. Curated Tastes offers us a way to develop our own artistic palette by providing approachable art events, classes and tours. RSVP…

Slowing Down in an Almost-Tiny Home | Home Tour with Brooke

Meet Brooke, a conservationist who has lovingly restored and built an almost-tiny home in Saskatchewan from practically the ground up. With the help of her capable dad, she poured herself into what was once a fixer-upper and is now a charming refuge built for one. Every nook & cranny of this place is thoughtfully designed…

Small House Interior Design Ideas: A Musician’s Cozy Bungalow

Explore small house interior design ideas in this blog post, showcasing a musician’s cozy home with DIY projects, unique art, and creative inspiration.

Bohemian Sanctuary | Home Tour with Ali

To kickstart this series, meet Ali Mroz: an exuberant hair-stylist-turned-landscaper with a penchant for plants, books, and vintage goodies. When it came to designing her studio in Vancouver’s East Village, she had one goal in mind: to feel a sense of relief as soon as she walked through the door.

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